Why choose Cr Mo steel to cast mill liners

When it comes to choosing the best steel for mill linings, Cr Mo is the material of choice. The strength of this material is similar to that of high-quality cast iron. Its ductility and low-alloy composition are perfect for liners. In addition, its low-alloy composition prevents it from degrading easily, making it an excellent choice for high-yield applications. Moreover, the high-low liners are easier to repair and re-cast than standard steel liners.

The combination of high-carbon steel and chromium-molybdenum steel results in high-performance wear-resistant and tough mill liners. Its wear-resistant properties make it an excellent choice for cement and power coal mills. High-carbon steel liners are also available in a wide variety of specifications and materials, which can meet the needs of different milling applications. Moreover, high-quality Cr-Mo steel mill liners can withstand even the highest grinding pressures.

When combined with other elements, Cr, Mo, and Nb, they produce a steel that possesses high hardness. These elements form carbides that increase the hardness of the metal. In addition, they form M3C carbides that are harder than the matrix. In addition, the combination of these elements also enhances the tribological behavior of the steel. Despite its high-hardness, it is not yet as strong as Nb.

Why choose Cr Mo steel to cast mill linings? The addition of Mn and Nb to A2 steel creates a cementite that is alloyed with the elements. This cementite is then molded by melting the alloy and forming the desired product. The alloyed cementite forms when the Mn and Nb are combined with the Cr content. However, in the presence of Mo and Nb carbides, the cementite is formed in a hexagonal pattern.

A1 and A2 steels were heated to a higher temperature than A2 steels, respectively. The latter’s SEM micrographs show the presence Mill Liners Foundry of carbides. They appear as networks surrounding the austenite grains. They also appear to be interconnected, as the enlarged images show. The results of these tests confirm the reliability of the Cr Mo steel used for mill liners.