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Killing Veerappan is streaming on aha videos now. Find more HD quality online video content to watch Indian movies in full without any interruption. Sandeep Bharadwaj played the smuggler bandit Veerappan role in this film.

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Killing Veerappan is a true story based film directed by Ram Gopal Varma. An expert cop official is appointed for killing Veerappan for his smuggling, crimes, and murders in Tamilnadu and Karnataka states. He is the in-charge and leads Operation Cocoon, a police operation for smuggler Veerappan killing with the help of a team of a police force, and a network of spies and informers.

Killing Veerappan Movie: What should you know before watching it?

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 142 min

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

A cast of the movie

Stars: Shivaraj Kumar, Sandeep Bharadwaj

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Producer: B.V.Manjunath

Music Director: Sandy

Released date: 31 December 2015.

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This film is based on a notorious sandalwood smuggler and killer Veerappan(Sandeep Bhardwaj), who was troubling the police squad of three states. None of the police teams were successful in capturing Veerappan in a span of a decade. All the plans designed by police were intelligently cracked by Veerappan and escaped in flying colors.

And here comes the twist when the government decided to hand over the case to Special task force officer Shivraj Kumar.How did the officer investigate the case?

How long did he take to conquer Veerappan? Was he really successful? Watch out the exciting killer Veerappan thriller in Aha OTT.

Reasons to watch Killing Veerappan movie

  1. It is a real-life story of smuggler Veerappan
  2. The major highlight of the movie is the terrific directional skills of RGV.
  3. The lead cast, especially the main lead Sandeep Bhardwaj as Veerappan, was spot on.
  4. Production values, mainly the forest sets, were the major asset of the movie.
  5. Shivraj Kumar, as a cop, did exceptionally well, which added value to the movie.
  6. The supporting cast has also acted naturally in their respective roles, for example,Veerappan’s wife character, etc.

Killing Veerappan: Why is it a worthy watchable movie?

Keeping the spine-chilling thrilling aside, the movie has a well-known proper story. What you must need to know is what happened the behind-the-scenes of killing Veerappan and how all are involved in this killing operation.

KooseMuniswamyVeerappan is the real name of the killer Veerappan and got popularity for his smuggling activities, crimes, and murders in Tamilnadu and Karnataka states. A team of the police force from Tamilnadu and Karnataka states together created the police operation team for capturing the Veerappan.

Watch thriller movies online on Aha OTT today. The Killing Veerappan movie is all about the behind-the-scenes of how the Veerappan, the sandalwood smuggler, and kidnapper of Karnataka popular hero Raj Kumar, was killed by Tamil Nadu Task Force on 18, October 2004.

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