This Movies Are Most Romantic Films Ever

When it come in terms of regional movies, we all know that telugu movies rank best in terms of  their action,storyplot,drama,songs etc.

Lots of OTT platform are there but among them Aha is one if the best streaming channel in which one can watch their favourite telugu movies.

Few new movies for consideration .

  1. Colour Photo – Story –The first film to come out with the concept of colour barrier to love was ‘Colour Photo’. The film, which opens with the story of how a person’s love of colour is interrupted, was released on October 23 on aha OTT platform.Kannayya (Suhas) works hard at home and studying engineering. He studied hard, get a good job. Deepti (Chandini) is studying in the same college. She is the sister of SI Ramaraju (Sunil) who hates love and lovers. In this sequence Kannayya who is dark in colour falls in love with Chandini. Ramaraju knows this thing. What happened after that? Where did the love story of Kannayya- Deepti go? That is the movie.

Casting –The plot of the film, is good to hear but not good to see on screen. Director Sandeep Raj could not unveil the story on the screen.The main attraction of ‘Color Photo’ is the strong Bhairava music. There is no doubt that you will still float in that music after you see the movie.The film is produced by kaala bhairava.

  1. Bhanumati Ramakrishna–Story – Bhanumathi Ramakrishna is one such film.Bhanumathi (Salony Luthra), a 30-year-old woman who thinks career is life only. Five years of relationship breakup seems to happen in her life. Ramakrishna (Naveen Chandra) is introduced to her.Slowly both of them get attracted towards each other.So what happens next. For this you have to watch the movie.

Casting –Srikanth gets good marks as a director in directorial and other disciplines. Camera work also give life to such films. Songs are good.The movie is produced by Yashwant mulukutla.

  1. Gypsy- Story – The film stars Jeeva as the protagonist and is paired with Natasha Singh. The story of the film begins on the battlefield in Kashmir. Gypsy(Jeeva), who is the son of a Hindu-Muslim mixed-marriage couple, travels with the nomad after the death of his parents. For Jeeva, who enjoys life as a horse and musician, the demise of the accompanying nomad gives rise to new thoughts. He begins the search of his life. Jeeva met a girl and falls in love.

Casting – The romance between the gypsy((Jeeva )and Waheeda(Natasha singh) is told superficially. Gypsy is the film of director Raju Murugan, who has given two great works, Cuckoo and Joker.  Raju murugan has taken up many important social issues. If Raju Murugan, who had handled some things boldly, had said it emphatically, it would have become a film that would be celebrated as Gypsy. Santhosh Narayanan is the composer of  the music for the film. The film is produced by ambeth kumar.

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