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In the present, Miko secretly follows Zen to attempt to find proof of wrongdoing so he will be far away from the college. Miko then buys some prayer beads to try to ward away the ghosts, and whereas they initially work, the prayer beads immediately break when she encounters a much more powerful ghost. She then sees a ghost groping Hana and is unable to get rid of it until it sees the extra-engaging college nurse and switches to groping her as an alternative. Two men then arrive, one a handsome young man and the opposite an intimidating, wanting a scarred man. The scarred man accepts the kitten and takes it home, where it’s revealed he got his scars from cat scratches. After buying their pastries, Hana and Miko come to an abandoned kitten being haunted by a ghost that stares at it.

The following day at school, Miko sees the ghost of a deceased student and tearfully realizes she has not been dreaming; she sees ghosts. At the cafe, she sees a handsome young man haunted by the spirit of a clingy jealous lady and has to covertly persuade the ghost she’s not involved with the man. Miko returns to dwelling, but while preparing for bed, the ghost of a man appears in her bathroom and leans with his hand on the mirror, explaining the handprint she saw that morning. Later Miko’s charm goes lacking, so she returns to school to find it and sees a human-formed mist that disappears. On the train home, Miko sees an axe-wielding ghost attacking the passengers on the practice, though its axe passes using them harmlessly.

Despite her terror, Miko pretends she sees nothing, and the ghost ultimately vanishes. She manages the find the dog and return it to the boy, but the ghost following her has fed a lot that it has heavily mutated by the time she meets up with Miko. He, Mushoku Tensei store too, calls to know if she can see him and how she manages to ignore him until he vanishes. Kyousuke would not see any marks like hickeys on her body and relaxes further when she says she does not have a boyfriend. Kadokawa Shoten started publishing the collection in print in April 2019 and has launched seven tankĊbon volumes as of March 2022. The collection is licensed in English by Yen Press. Melegrito, JM 17 July 2019. MUSE Asia launches Authorized Anime Streaming Platform on YouTube.