JAV Mom Super Star – Aki Sasaki Reborn

Aki Sasaki the most popular JAV Porn actress and retired earlier, she claims to need to take care of the kids as a single mother

Recently, according to her twitter, she will reborn, but not as JAV Porn Star again, and she current becomes a hostess in a club emphasize with “all AV actress” liquor store, Red Dragon upper group,

Yesterday’s she twitted she was served serval guests, and can we pay and take her to hotel have some real sex?

No, she claimed only as hostess and drank with customers.

Red Dragon, her working club NOT allow any Physical contact, the nomination of time arriving, impossible actress, accompaniment, exemption, lotus flower, or skin sensation, conspicuous person’s eyes or permission.

If you are a big fan of this most popular JAV Mom superstar, call Red Dragon for booking and dedicate Aki Sasaki to serve you, of course, the service fee will make you broken a one night.

Aki Sasaki, born at 1972 in Japan, named Kaho Shibuya at the beginning of her JAV Porn career, after few years she become to stick to JAV Mom genre porns, changed her name to Aki Sasaki. Want to drink with your dream idol, save some money first.