Winning With Football Betting At Its Best

Football betting should actually be very simple. Usually, every “couch coach” dares to correctly predict the next Databet69match day. But when the bookmaker is about real money, almost all customers end up in the medium and long term in the red. The reason for this is quite simple. The betting enthusiasts type from the gut, without a real plan or the necessary specialist knowledge in the background.

Below is most important compiled tips and tricks that make football betting more successful. The advice is aimed at users who really want to earn money with sports betting. There is nothing to say against the recreational players who simply put one or two euros on their favorite team, but this is not the point here.

Start your football betting with a reputable bankroll

Before you even place your first football bets, you should think about your financial situation. Can you afford to type at all or do you need your money for other, more important things?

First define your individual bankroll. The term was taken from stock trading and means nothing more than start-up capital. Only use money that you definitely won’t need in the next six months. Add your living expenses to your living expenses. At the same time, you should never touch your reserves.

Stick to a concrete money management

Based on the starting capital, you develop your specific money management. Ideally, your “financial plan” should span a three to six month window. Only then do you draw a first interim balance and specify the project for the next few weeks. In an emergency, if you only act with small sums, four weeks can be sufficient for serious money management. Basically, the motto “the longer the better” applies.

Turn off your greed

Now there is the much described beginner’s luck when betting on football as in normal life. Most of the betting fans put in an excellent performance in the first few days with the right income. The idea “great, why shouldn’t it go on like this” has to be suppressed very, very quickly. Switch off your greed.

Do without mathematical systems such as doubling

If things go badly, many betting fans panic. The minus should be equalized as quickly as possible. On the one hand, rage bets are placed, which are usually also wrong, on the other hand, attempts are made to make up for the losses with mathematical strategies such as doubling the stakes.

Obtain the necessary knowledge

Football betting is always a little struggle between bookmaker and customer. The bookie always starts with an advantage due to its profit margin and the quotation. Only place your football bets on games in which you know the teams and the league exactly. Deal with missing players, special home strengths or favorite opponents. Regional derbies often have a very special character.